tangledsentence asked:

Hello! *tentative wave* I saw your post about the calligraphy set and was wondering if you might write my url?

Of course, of course!  I’m a begginner, so it’s really rough and not that pretty to look at, so, I’m sorry! ^^; But thank you so much for letting me use your URL to practice!

Here you go~

I went a little crazy again and ended up doing half a page. ^^;

lochridge asked:

What made you want to take up Calligraphy?

I’ve been into calligraphy as long as I can remember! I use to have all sorts of feather ink dip pens, and little calligraphy ‘markers’ when I was younger. But I’ve been doing research a lot recently and got some beginners calligraphy fountain pens, and just now got some really neat flex nibs! ^^ 

I just love how the pen moves on the paper, how gorgeous it looks and how fun it is to do. Hopefully I’ll be getting a wax stamp seal soon, to complete the whole package! *-*